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Chapter 10: Charming Charts and Gorgeous Graphics
Charts on their own chart sheets
Sometimes you know you want your new chart to appear on its own separate
sheet in the workbook and you don’t have time to fool around with moving
an embedded chart created with the Quick Analysis tool or the various chart
command buttons on the Insert tab of the Ribbon to its own sheet. In such a
situation, simply position the cell pointer somewhere in the table of data to
be graphed (or select the specific cell range in a larger table) and then just
press F11.
Excel then creates a clustered column chart using the table’s data or cell
selection on its own chart sheet (Chart1) that precedes all the other sheets
in the workbook (see Figure 10-5). You can then customize the chart on the
new chart sheet as you would an embedded chart that’s described later in
the chapter.
Moving and resizing embedded charts
Right after you create a new embedded chart in a worksheet, you can easily
move or resize the chart because the chart is still selected. You can always
tell when an embedded chart is selected because the chart is outlined with
a thin double-line and you see sizing handles — those squares at the four
corners and midpoints of the outline that appears around the perimeter of
the chart. In addition, the following three buttons appear in the upper-right
corner of the outlined chart:
Chart Elements button with the plus sign icon to modify chart elements
such as the chart titles, legends, gridlines, error bars, and trendlines
Chart Styles button with the paintbrush icon to modify the chart layout
and color scheme
Chart Filters with the cone filter icon to modify the data series
represented in the chart or the labels displayed in the legend or along the
Category axis
Whenever an embedded chart is selected (as it is automatically immediately
after creating it or after clicking any part of it), the Chart Tools contextual tab
with its Design, Layout, and Format tabs appears on the Ribbon, and Excel
outlines each group of cells represented in the selected chart in a different
color in the worksheet.
When an embedded chart is selected in a worksheet, you can move or resize
it as follows:
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