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Chapter 10: Charming Charts and Gorgeous Graphics
To move the chart, position the mouse pointer or Touch Pointer in a
blank area inside the chart and drag the chart to a new location.
To resize the chart (you may want to make it bigger if it seems
distorted in any way), position the mouse pointer or Touch Pointer on
one of the sizing handles. When the pointer changes from the
arrowhead to a double-headed arrow, drag the side or corner (depending on
which handle you select) to enlarge or reduce the chart.
When the chart is properly sized and positioned in the worksheet, set the
chart in place by deselecting it (simply click any cell outside the chart). As
soon as you deselect the chart, the sizing handles disappear, as does the
Chart Elements, Chart Styles, and Chart Filters buttons along with the Chart
Tools contextual tab from the Ribbon.
To re-select the chart later to edit, size, or move it again, just click anywhere
on the chart with the mouse pointer. The moment you do, the sizing handles
return to the embedded chart and the Chart Tools contextual tab appears on
the Ribbon.
Figure 10-5:
chart on
its own
chart sheet
created from
data by
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