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Chapter 10: Charming Charts and Gorgeous Graphics
Data: Click the Switch Row/Column button to interchange the worksheet
data used for the Legend Entries (series) with that used for the Axis
Labels (Categories) in the selected chart. Click the Select Data button
to open the Select Data Source dialog box where you can not only
interchange the Legend Entries (series) with the Axis Labels (Categories),
but also edit out or add particular entries to either category.
Type: Click the Change Chart Type button to open the All Charts tab of
the Change Chart Type dialog box where you can preview and select a
new type of chart to represent your data.
Location: Click the Move Chart button to move the chart to a new chart
sheet or another worksheet.
Customizing chart elements
The Chart Elements button (with the plus sign icon) that appears when your
chart is selected contains a list of the major chart elements that you can
add to your chart. To add an element to your chart, click the Chart Elements
button to display an alphabetical list of all the elements, Axes through
Trendline. To add a particular element missing from the chart, select the
element’s check box in the list to put a check mark in it. To remove a particular
element currently displayed in the chart, select the element’s check box to
remove its check mark.
To add or remove just part of a particular chart element or, in some cases
as with the Chart Title, Data Labels, Data Table, Error Bars, Legend, and
Trendline, to also specify its layout, you select the desired option on the
element’s continuation menu.
So, for example, to reposition a chart’s title, you click the continuation button
attached to Chart Title on the Chart Elements menu to display and select
from among the following options on its continuation menu:
Above Chart to add or reposition the chart title so that it appears
centered above the plot area
Centered Overlay Title to add or reposition the chart title so that it
appears centered at the top of the plot area
More Options to open the Format Chart Title task pane on the right side
of the Excel window where you can use the options that appear when
you select the Fill & Line, Effects, and Size and Properties buttons under
Title Options and the Text Fill & Outline, Text Effects, and the Textbox
buttons under Text Options in this task pane to modify almost any
aspect of the title’s formatting
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