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Adding Great-Looking Graphics
Line that represents the relative value of the selected worksheet data
Column where the selected worksheet data is represented by tiny columns
Win/Loss where the selected worksheet data appears as a win/loss
chart; wins are represented by blue squares that appear above red
squares (representing the losses)
Sparklines via the Quick Analysis tool
In Excel 2013, you can use the new Quick Analysis tool to quickly add
sparklines to your data. All you have to do is select the cells in the worksheet to
be visually represented, click the Quick Analysis tool followed by Sparklines
on its options palette. This displays buttons for the three types of sparklines:
Line, Column, and Win/Loss. To preview how your data looks with each type
of sparklines, highlight the button in the palette with the mouse pointer or
Touch Pointer. Then, to add the previewed sparklines to your worksheet,
simply click the appropriate Sparklines button.
Figure 10-7 shows the sample Mother Goose Enterprises worksheet with the
first quarter sales after I selected the cell range B3:D11 and then opened
the Sparklines tab in the Quick Analysis tool’s palette. Excel immediately
previews line-type trendlines in the cell range E3:E11 of the worksheet. To
add these trendlines, all you have to do is click the Line option in the tool’s
Figure 10-7:
to visually
the trends
in the
threemonth sales
for each
company in
the Quick
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