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Adding Great-Looking Graphics
Sparklines from the Ribbon
You can also add sparklines the good old-fashioned way using the Sparklines
command buttons on the Insert tab of the Ribbon. To manually add sparklines
to the cells of your worksheet:
1. Select the cells in the worksheet with the data you want to represent
with sparklines.
2. Click the chart type you want for your sparklines (Line, Column, or
Win/Loss) in the Sparklines group of the Insert tab or press Alt+NSL
for Line, Alt+NSO for Column, or Alt+NSW for Win/Loss.
Excel opens the Create Sparklines dialog box containing two text boxes:
Data Range: Shows the cells you select with the data you want to
Location Range: Lets you designate the cell or cell range where you
want the sparklines to appear.
3. Select the cell or cell range where you want your sparklines to appear
in the Location Range text box and then click OK.
When creating sparklines that span more than a single cell, the number
of rows and columns in the location range must match the number of
rows and columns in the data range. (That is, the arrays need to be of
equal size and shape.)
Because sparklines are so small, you can easily add them to the cells in the
final column of a table. That way, the sparklines (shown in Figure 10-7) can
depict the data visually and enhance meaning while being an integral part of
the table.
Formatting sparklines
After you add sparklines to your worksheet, Excel 2013 adds a Sparkline
Tools contextual tab with its own Design tab to the Ribbon that appears
when the cell or range with the sparklines is selected.
This Design tab contains buttons that you can use to edit the type, style, and
format of the sparklines. The final group (called Group) on this tab enables
you to band a range of sparklines into a single group that can share the same
axis and/or minimum or maximum values (selected using the options on the
Axis drop-down button). This is very useful when you want a collection of
sparklines to share the same charting parameters so that they represent the
trends in the data equally.
You can’t delete sparklines from a cell range by selecting the cells and then
pressing the Delete button. Instead, to remove sparklines, right-click their cell
range and select Sparklines Clear Selected Sparklines from its context menu.
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