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Adding Great-Looking Graphics
To insert a text box in a worksheet when a chart or some other type of graphic
isn’t selected, you can open the Insert tab on the Ribbon and then click the
Text Box option on the Text button’s drop-down palette.
Excel then changes the mouse pointer or Touch Pointer to a narrow vertical
line with a short cross near the bottom. Click the location where you want to
draw the text box and then draw the box by dragging its outline. When you
release the mouse button or remove your finger or stylus after dragging this
pointer, Excel draws a text box in the shape and size of the outline.
After creating a horizontal text box, the program positions the insertion point
at the top left, and you can then type the text you want to appear within it.
The text you type appears in the text box and will wrap to a new line should
you reach the right edge of the text box. You can press Enter when you want
to force text to appear on a new line. When you finish entering the message
for your text box, click anywhere outside the box to deselect it.
After adding a text box to a chart or worksheet while it’s still selected, you
can edit it as follows:
Move the text box to a new location in the chart by dragging it.
Resize the text box by dragging the appropriate sizing handle.
Rotate the text box by dragging its rotation handle (the green circle at
the top) in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.
Modify the formatting and appearance of the text box using the various
command buttons in the Shape Styles group on the Format tab under
the Drawing Tools contextual tab
Delete the text box by clicking its perimeter so that the dotted lines
connecting the selection handles become solid and then pressing the
Delete key.
Adding an arrow to a text box
When creating a text box, you may want to add an arrow to point directly to
the object or part of the chart you’re referencing. To add an arrow, follow
these steps:
1. Click the text box to which you want to attach the arrow in the chart
or worksheet.
Sizing handles appear around the text box and the Format tab under the
Drawing Tools contextual tab is added to the Ribbon.
2. Click the Format tab by the Arrow command button in the Insert
Shapes drop-down gallery.
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