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Adding Great-Looking Graphics
Figure 10-11:
Clip art
image ready
for editing
in the new
While a clip art image or a picture that you’ve inserted into your worksheet is
selected, however, you can make any of the following changes:
Move the clip art image or imported picture to a new location in the
chart by dragging it.
Resize the clip art image or imported picture by dragging the
appropriate sizing handle.
Rotate the clip art image or imported picture by dragging its rotation
handle (the green circle at the top) in a clockwise or counterclockwise
Delete the clip art image or imported picture by pressing the Delete key.
Formatting inserted images
When an inserted picture is selected in the worksheet, Excel adds the
Pictures Tools contextual tab to the Ribbon with its sole Format tab (refer
to Figure 10-11). The Format tab is divided into four groups: Adjust, Picture
Styles, Arrange, and Size.
The Adjust group contains the following important command buttons:
Remove Background opens the Background Removal tab and makes
a best guess about what parts of the picture to remove. You have the
option to mark areas of the picture to keep or further remove, and the
shaded areas automatically update as you isolate what areas of the
picture you want to keep. Click Keep Changes when you are finished or
Discard All Changes to revert back to the original picture.
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