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Excel’s Ribbon User Interface
Figure 1-5:
When you
in the
Excel adds
tools to
the Ribbon
with their
own tabs,
groups, and
For example, when I run Excel 2013 on my Windows 8 tablet in its dock
equipped with a physical keyboard and with my optical wireless mouse
connected, I select commands from the Excel Ribbon more or less the same way
I do when running Excel on my Windows desktop computer equipped with a
stand-alone physical keyboard and mouse or laptop computer with its
builtin physical keyboard and trackpad.
However, when I run Excel 2013 on my Windows 8 tablet without access to
the dock with its physical keyboard and mouse, I am limited to selecting
Ribbon commands directly on the touchscreen with my finger or stylus.
The most direct method for selecting Ribbon commands equipped with a
physical keyboard and mouse is to click the tab that contains the command
button you want and then click that button in its group. For example, to
insert an online image into your spreadsheet, you click the Insert tab and
then click the Illustrations button followed by the Online Pictures button to
open the Insert Pictures dialog box.
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