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Adding Great-Looking Graphics
Border shape and color on the Picture Border button’s drop-down palette
Shadow or 3-D rotation effect on the Picture Effects button’s drop-down
Layout on the Picture Layout button’s drop-down palette to format a
picture with SmartArt-styles
Adding preset graphic shapes
In addition to online and local imported from graphics files, you can insert
preset graphic shapes in your chart or worksheet by selecting their
thumbnails on the Shapes drop-down gallery on the Insert tab of the Ribbon (see
Figure 10-12).
When you open the Shapes gallery by clicking the Shapes button in the
Illustrations group on the Insert tab of the Ribbon, you see that it’s divided
into nine sections: Recently Used Shapes, Lines, Rectangles, Basic Shapes,
Block Arrows, Equation Shapes, Flowchart, Stars and Banners, and Callouts.
Figure 10-12:
Click the
thumbnail on
the Shapes
gallery and
then drag
the mouse
or Touch
Pointer to
draw it out
in the chart
or sheet.
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