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Adding Great-Looking Graphics
5. After making any final adjustments to the size, shape, or orientation of
the WordArt text with the selection and rotation handles, click a cell
somewhere outside of the text to deselect the graphic.
When you click outside of the WordArt text, Excel deselects the graphic,
and the Drawing Tools contextual tab disappears from the Ribbon. (If you
ever want this tab to reappear, all you have to do is click somewhere on the
WordArt text to select the graphic.)
You can change the size of WordArt text and the font it uses after creating
it by dragging through the WordArt text to select it and then using the Font
and Font Size command buttons on the mini-toolbar that appears next to the
selected WordArt to make your desired changes.
Make mine SmartArt
Excel 2013 SmartArt is a special type of graphic object that gives you the
ability to construct fancy graphical lists and diagrams in your worksheet quickly
and easily. SmartArt lists and diagrams come in a wide array of configurations
(including a bunch of organizational charts and various process and flow
diagrams) that enable you to combine your own text with the predefined graphic
To insert a SmartArt list or diagram into the worksheet, click the Insert a
SmartArt Graphic button in the Illustrations group on the Insert tab or press
Alt+NM to open the Choose a SmartArt Graphic dialog box (shown in Figure
10-13). Then click a category in the navigation pane on the left followed by
the list’s or diagram’s thumbnail in the center section before you click OK.
Figure 10-13:
Select the
SmartArt list
or diagram
to insert in
worksheet in this
dialog box.
Excel then inserts the basic structure of the list or diagram into your
worksheet along with a text pane (displaying Type Your Text Here on its title bar)
to its immediate left and [Text] in the shapes in the diagram where you can
enter the text for the various parts of the list or diagram (as shown in Figure
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