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Adding Great-Looking Graphics
10-14). At the same time, the Design tab of the SmartArt Tools contextual tab
with Layouts and SmartArt Styles galleries for the particular type of SmartArt
list or diagram you originally selected appears on the Ribbon.
Figure 10-14:
Adding text
to a new
organizational chart.
Filling in the text for a new SmartArt graphic
To fill in the text for the first section of the new list or diagram in the outline
text box that already contains the insertion point, simply type the text. Then
press the ↓ key or click the next list or diagram section to set the insertion
point there.
Don’t press the Tab key or the Enter key to complete a text entry in the list
or diagram as you naturally do in the regular worksheet. In a SmartArt list or
diagram, pressing the Enter key inserts a new section of the list or diagram
(at the same level in hierarchical diagrams, such as an org chart). Pressing
Tab indents the level of the current section on the outline (in hierarchical
diagrams) or does nothing.
When you finish entering the text for your new diagram, click the Close
button (with an X) on the text pane in the upper-right corner opposite the
title Type Your Text Here. (You can always re-open this box if you need to
edit any of the text by clicking the button that appears in the middle of the
left side of the selected list or diagram after you close the text pane.)
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