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Printing Just the Charts
In this dire case, the only way I know to get the Selection task pane to appear
so that you can click the Show All button is to create a dummy (pardon my
French) graphic object in the worksheet (such as an arrow or oval in the
Illustrations group on the Insert tab). Then click the Selection Pane button on
the Format tab of its Drawing Tools contextual tab. With the Selection task
pane open, click the Show All button to bring back the display of all the charts
and graphics you want to keep. Get rid of the still-selected dummy graphic
object by pressing the Delete key. (Whew, that was a close one!)
Printing Just the Charts
Sometimes, you may want to print only a particular chart embedded in the
worksheet (independent of the worksheet data it represents or any of the other
stuff you’ve added). To do this, open the Selection task pane (as described in
the preceding section) and make sure that any hidden charts are displayed in
the worksheet by putting the eye icons back in their check boxes.
Next, click the chart to select it in the worksheet and then choose File Print
or press Ctrl+P to open the Print screen in Backstage view, where you see the
chart now displayed in the print preview area.
If you need to change the printed chart size or the orientation of the printing
(or both), click the Page Setup link on the Print screen in the Backstage view
(Ctrl+P) or click the Page Setup Dialog Box launcher on the Page Layout tab
of the Ribbon to open the Page Setup dialog box. To change the orientation of
the printing (or the paper size), change the appropriate options on the Page
tab in the Page Setup dialog box. To change the print quality or print a color
chart in black and white, click the Chart tab and change these options. You
can then return to the print preview area in the Print screen in Backstage
view by clicking the Print Preview button at the bottom of the Page Setup
dialog box. If everything looks good in the print preview area, start printing
the chart by clicking the Print button.
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