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Excel’s Ribbon User Interface
The easiest method for selecting commands on the Ribbon — if you know
your keyboard at all well — is to press the keyboard’s Alt key and then type
the letter of the hot key that appears on the tab you want to select. Excel then
displays all the command button hot keys next to their buttons, along with the
hot keys for the dialog box launchers in any group on that tab. To select a
command button or dialog box launcher, simply type its hot key letter.
If you know the old Excel shortcut keys from versions prior to Excel 2007,
you can still use them. For example, instead of going through the rigmarole of
pressing Alt+HCC to copy a cell selection to the Windows Clipboard and then
Alt+HVP to paste it elsewhere in the sheet, you can still press Ctrl+C to copy
the selection and then press Ctrl+V when you’re ready to paste it.
Selecting commands by touch
Before trying to select Excel Ribbon commands by touch, however, you
definitely want to turn on Touch mode in Excel 2013. When you do this, Excel
spreads out the command buttons on the Ribbon tabs by putting more space
around them, making it more likely you’ll actually select the command button
you’re tapping with your finger (or even a more slender stylus) instead of one
right next to it. (This is a particular problem with the command buttons in
the Font group on the Home tab that enable you to add different attributes
to cell entries such as bold, italic, or underlining: They are so close together
when Touch mode is off that they are almost impossible to correctly select
by touch.)
What click and drag means on your device
Given all the different choices for selecting stuff
in Excel, you need to be aware of a few
clickand-drag conventions used throughout this
book. When I say click something (a command
button, cell, or whatever), this means click the
primary mouse button (the left one unless you
change it) on a physical mouse or tap with your
finger or a stylus on a touchscreen. When I say
double-click something, this means click the
primary button twice in rapid succession on a
physical mouse and double tap the object with
your finger or stylus. When I say right-click,
this means click with the secondary button
(the right-hand button unless you change it) on
a physical mouse or tap the object and keep
your finger or stylus on the touchscreen until
the context menu or pop-up gallery or whatever
appears. Finally, when I say drag through a cell
selection, with a physical mouse this means
click the cell and then hold down the primary
mouse button as you swipe and then release
the button when the selection is made. On a
touchscreen, you tapthe cell to make the
selection handles appear (the circles at the
upperleft and lower-right corners of the cell) and then
use your finger or stylus to drag the selection
handle through the cells..
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