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Excel’s Ribbon User Interface
To do this, simply tap the Touch/Mouse Mode button that appears near
the end of the Quick Access toolbar sandwiched between the Redo and
Customize Quick Access Toolbar buttons. When you tap this button a
dropdown menu with two options, Mouse and Touch, appears. Tap the Touch
option to put your touchscreen tablet or laptop into Touch mode.
Although the Touch/Mouse Mode button is automatically added to the Excel
2013 Quick Access toolbar only when running the program on a tablet or
personal computer equipped with a touchscreen, that doesn’t mean you can’t
use it to switch between Touch mode (with more space between Ribbon
command buttons) and Mouse mode on a standard computer without touchscreen
technology. All you have to do is add the Touch/Mouse Mode button to the
Quick Access toolbar (see “Customizing the Quick Access toolbar” that
follows for details).
Customizing the Quick Access toolbar
When you start using Excel 2013, the Quick Access toolbar contains only the
following few buttons:
Save to save any changes made to the current workbook using the same
filename, file format, and location
Undo to undo the last editing, formatting, or layout change you made
Redo to reapply the previous editing, formatting, or layout change that
you just removed with the Undo button
Touch/Mouse Mode (tablets and computers with touchscreens only) to
place more space around Ribbon command buttons to make it easier to
select commands with your finger or stylus
The Quick Access toolbar is very customizable because Excel makes it easy
to add any Ribbon command to it. Moreover, you’re not restricted to adding
buttons for just the commands on the Ribbon; you can add any Excel
command you want to the toolbar, even the obscure ones that don’t rate an
appearance on any of its tabs.
By default, the Quick Access toolbar appears above the Ribbon tabs
immediately to the right of the Excel program button (used to resize the workbook
window or quit the program). To display the toolbar beneath the Ribbon
immediately above the Formula bar, click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar
button (the drop-down button to the right of the toolbar with a horizontal bar
above a down-pointing triangle) and then click Show Below the Ribbon on
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