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Sorting Data Lists
5. (Optional) If necessary, repeat Step 4, adding as many additional sort
levels as required.
6. Click OK or press Enter.
Excel closes the Sort dialog box and sorts the records in the data list
using the sorting fields in the order of their levels in this dialog box. If
you see that you sorted the database on the wrong fields or in the wrong
order, click the Undo button on the Quick Access toolbar or press Ctrl+Z
to restore the database records to their previous order.
Check out how I set up my search in the Sort dialog box in Figure 11-4. In the
Employee Data List, I chose the Last Name field as the first field to sort on
(Sort By) and the First Name field as the second field (Then By) — the second
field sorts records with duplicate entries in the first field. I also chose to sort
the records in the Employee Data List in alphabetical (A to Z) order by last
name and then first name. See the Employee Data List right after sorting (in
Figure 11-5). Note how the Edwards — Cindy and Jack — are now arranged in
the proper first name/last name alphabetical order.
Figure 11-4:
Set up to
sort records
alphabetically by last
name and
then first
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