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Sorting Data Lists
Sorting something besides a data list
The Sort command is not just for sorting records
in the data list. You can use it to sort financial
data or text headings in the spreadsheet tables
you build as well. When sorting regular
worksheet tables, just be sure to select all the cells
with the data to be sorted (and only those with
the data to be sorted) before you open the Sort
dialog box by clicking Custom Sort on the Sort
& Filter button’s drop-down list on the Ribbon’s
Home tab or the Sort button on the Data tab.
Excel automatically excludes the first row of the
cell selection from the sort (on the assumption
that this row is a header row containing field
names that shouldn’t be included). To include
the first row of the cell selection in the sort,
be sure to deselect the My Data Has Headers
check box before you click OK to begin sorting.
If you want to sort worksheet data by columns,
click the Options button in the Sort dialog box.
Click the Sort Left to Right button in the Sort
Options dialog box and then click OK. Now you
can designate the number of the row (or rows)
to sort the data on in the Sort dialog box.
Figure 11-5:
Data List
sorted in
order by last
name and
then by first
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