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Filtering Data Lists
4. To show those records that fall into the Top 10 or Bottom 10 (or
whatever) percent change Items to Percent in the right-most drop-down ,
list box.
5. Click OK or press Enter to filter the database by using your Top 10
In Figure 11-7, you can see the Employee Data List after using the Top 10
option (with all its default settings) to show only those records with salaries
that are in the top ten. David Letterman would be proud!
Figure 11-7:
Data List
after using
the Top 10
to filter out
all records
except for
those with
the ten
highest salaries.
Using ready-made date filters
When filtering a data list by the entries in a date field, Excel makes available a
variety of date filters that you can apply to the list. These ready-made filters
include Tomorrow, Today, Yesterday, as well as Next, This, and Last for the
Week, Month, Quarter, and Year. Additionally, Excel offers Year to Date and
All Dates in the Period filters. When you select the All Dates in the Period
filter, Excel enables you to choose between Quarter 1 through 4 or any of the
twelve months, January through December, as the period to use in filtering
the records.
To select any of these date filters, you click the date field’s AutoFilter button,
then highlight Date Filters on the drop-down list and click the appropriate
date filter option on the continuation menu(s).
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