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Excel’s Ribbon User Interface
its drop-down menu. You will definitely want to make this change if you start
adding more than just a few extra buttons to the toolbar. That way, the
growing Quick Access toolbar doesn’t start crowding the name of the current
workbook that appears to the toolbar’s right.
Adding Customize Quick Access Toolbar’s menu commands
When you click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar button, a drop-down
menu appears containing the following commands:
New to open a new workbook
Open to display the Open dialog box for opening an existing workbook
Save to save changes to your current workbook
Email to open your mail
Quick Print to send the current worksheet to your default printer
Print Preview and Print to open the Print panel in Backstage view with
a preview of the current worksheet in the right pane
Spelling to check the current worksheet for spelling errors
Undo to undo your latest worksheet edit
Redo to reapply the last edit that you removed with Undo
Sort Ascending to sort the current cell selection or column in A to
Z alphabetical order, lowest to highest numerical order, or oldest to
newest date order
Sort Descending to sort the current cell selection or column in Z to
A alphabetical order, highest to lowest numerical order, or newest to
oldest date order
Touch /Mouse Mode to switch in and out of Touch mode that adds
extra space around the command buttons on the individual Ribbon tabs
to make them easier to select on a touchscreen device regardless of
whether you tap with your finger or a stylus
When you open this menu, only the Save, Undo, and Redo options are the
ones selected (indicated by the check marks); therefore, these buttons are
the only buttons to appear on the Quick Access toolbar. To add any of the
other commands on this menu to the toolbar, you simply click the option
on the drop-down menu. Excel then adds a button for that command to the
end of the Quick Access toolbar (and a check mark to its option on the
dropdown menu).
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