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Adding Hyperlinks to a Worksheet
Figure 12-2:
add-ins in
the Add-Ins
dialog box.
Excel automatically places command buttons for the activated add-ins in
either an Analysis group on the Ribbon’s Data tab or in a Solutions group
on the Formulas tab, depending on the type of add-in. For example, Excel
places the command buttons for the Analysis ToolPak or Solver add-in in the
Analysis group on the Data tab. For the Euro Currency Tools, Excel places its
command buttons in the Solutions group on the Formulas tab.
If you end up never using a particular add-in you’ve loaded, you can unload
it (and thereby free up some computer memory) by following the previously
outlined procedure to open the Add-Ins dialog box and then clicking the name
of the add-in to remove the check mark from its check box. Then click OK.
Adding Hyperlinks to a Worksheet
Hyperlinks automate Excel worksheets by making the opening of other Office
documents and Excel workbooks and worksheets just a mouse click away. It
doesn’t matter whether these documents are located on your hard drive, a
server on your LAN (Local Area Network), or web pages on the Internet or a
company’s intranet. You can also set up e-mail hyperlinks that automatically
address messages to co-workers with whom you routinely correspond, and you
can attach Excel workbooks or other types of Office files to these messages.
The hyperlinks that you add to your Excel worksheets can be of the following
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