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Excel’s Ribbon User Interface
To remove a command button that you add to the Quick Access toolbar in
this manner, click the option a second time on the Customize Quick Access
Toolbar button’s drop-down menu. Excel removes its command button from
the toolbar and the check mark from its option on the drop-down menu.
Adding Ribbon commands
To add a Ribbon command to the Quick Access toolbar, open the command
button’s shortcut menu (right-click with a mouse or tap and hold on a
touchscreen) and then select the Add to Quick Access Toolbar menu item. Excel
then immediately adds the selected Ribbon command button to the very end
of the Quick Access toolbar, immediately in front of the Customize Quick
Access Toolbar button.
If you want to move the command button to a new location on the Quick
Access toolbar or group it with other buttons on the toolbar, select the
Customize Quick Access Toolbar button followed by the More Commands
option near the bottom of its drop-down menu.
Excel then opens the Excel Options dialog box with the Quick Access Toolbar
tab selected (similar to the one shown in Figure 1-6). On the right side of the
dialog box, Excel shows all the buttons added to the Quick Access toolbar.
The order in which they appear from left to right on the toolbar corresponds
to the top-down order in the list box.
Figure 1-6:
Use the
buttons on
the Quick
Toolbar tab
of the Excel
dialog box
to customize
appearance of
the Quick
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