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Adding Hyperlinks to a Worksheet
button, select the folder, and then select the file in the list box. If you’ve
recently opened the document you want to link to, you can click the
Recent Files button and then select it from the list box.
If the document you want to link to is located on a website and you
know its web address (the–like thing), you can type
it into the Address text box. If you recently browsed the web page you
want to link to, you can click the Browsed Pages button and then select
the address of the page from the list box.
2b. To have the hyperlink move the cell pointer to another cell or cell
range in the same workbook, click the Place in This Document button.
Next, type the address of the cell or cell range in the Type the Cell
Reference text box or select the desired sheet name or range name
from the Or Select a Place in This Document list box.
2c. To open a new e-mail message addressed to a particular recipient,
click the E-mail Address button and then enter the recipient’s e-mail
address in the E-mail Address text box.
As soon as you begin typing the e-mail address in the E-mail Address
text box, Excel inserts the text mailto: in front of whatever you’ve
typed. (mailto: is the HTML tag that tells Excel to open your e-mail
program when you click the hyperlink.)
If you want the hyperlink to add the subject of the e-mail message when
it opens a new message in your e-mail program, enter this text in the
Subject text box.
If the recipient’s address is displayed in the Recently Used E-mail
Addresses list box, you can enter it into the E-mail Address text box
simply by clicking the address.
3. (Optional) To change the hyperlink text that appears in the cell of the
worksheet (underlined and in blue) or add text if the cell is blank,
type the desired label in the Text to Display text box.
4. (Optional) To add a ScreenTip to the hyperlink that appears when you
position the mouse pointer over the hyperlink, click the ScreenTip
button, type the text that you want to appear next to the mouse
pointer in the ScreenTip box, and then click OK.
5. Click OK to close the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.
After you create a hyperlink in a worksheet, you can follow it to whatever
destination you associated with the hyperlink. To follow a hyperlink, position the
mouse pointer or Touch Pointer over the underlined blue text (if you assigned
the hyperlink to text in a cell) or over the graphic image (if you assigned the
hyperlink to a graphic inserted in the worksheet). When the pointer changes
to a hand with the index finger pointing upward, click the hypertext or graphic
image, and Excel makes the jump to the designated external document, web
page, cell within the workbook, or e-mail message.
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