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Sharing Your Worksheets
3. Click the name of the macro to add to a custom button on the Quick
Access toolbar in the Choose Commands From list box and then click
the Add button.
4. Click OK to close the Excel Options dialog box.
After you close the Excel Options dialog box, a custom button sporting a
generic macro icon (picturing a standard command flowchart) appears on
the Quick Access toolbar. You can choose a different icon by clicking the
Rename button below the Customize the Ribbon box. To see the name of the
macro assigned to this custom macro button as a ScreenTip, position the
mouse pointer over the button. To run the macro, click the button.
Sharing Your Worksheets
Excel 2013 makes it easy to share your spreadsheets with trusted clients and
co-workers. You can use the options on the Share screen in Backstage view
to e-mail worksheets or send them by Instant Message to others who have
access to Excel on their computers. If you have Microsoft’s Lync online
meeting software installed on your device, you can present the worksheet to the
other attendees as part of a Lync meeting.
And if you save your workbook files in the cloud on your Windows Live
SkyDrive, you can easily share the worksheets by inviting co-workers and
clients to open them in Excel on their own devices or, if they don’t have Excel,
in their web browser with the Excel Web App.
Additionally, you can review or edit the workbooks you save on your
SkyDrive when you’re away from your office and the computer to which you
have access doesn’t have a compatible version of Excel installed on it. You
simply use that computer’s Internet access to log on to the My Documents
folder of your SkyDrive containing uploaded copies of your spreadsheets,
and then use the Excel Web App (that runs on most modern web browsers)
to open and then review and edit them.
Sharing workbooks via SkyDrive
To share Excel workbooks you’ve saved on your SkyDrive, you follow these
1. Open the workbook file you want to share and then choose File
Share (Alt+FH).
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