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Sharing Your Worksheets
Figure 12-6:
coworkers or
clients to
share an
workbook saved
on your
All the people with whom you share a workbook receive an e-mail message
containing a hyperlink to the workbook on your SkyDrive. When they follow
this link, a copy of the workbook opens on a new page in their default web
browser using the Excel Web App (if the web app is not compatible with the
type of browser in use on their device, the browser opens it with the web
viewer). If you’ve given the user permission to edit the file, the web app
contains an Edit Workbook button.
When the user clicks this button in the Excel Web App, he has a choice
between selecting an Edit in Excel and Edit in Excel Web App option on its
drop-down menu. When he selects Edit in Excel, the workbook is downloaded
and opened in his version of Excel. When he selects Edit in Excel Web App,
the browser opens the workbook in a new version of the Excel Web App,
containing a Home, Insert, and View tab with a limited set of command options
that can be used in making any necessary changes (which are automatically
saved to the workbook on the SkyDrive).
You must save your Excel workbook to your SkyDrive before you can share
it via the Invite People option on the Share screen. If you haven’t yet saved
a copy of your workbook to the SkyDrive, when the Invite People option is
selected on the Share screen in the Backstage view, it contains a single Save to
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