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Sharing Your Worksheets
Cloud button. When you click this button, the backstage displays the Save As
screen where you can save it to a folder on your SkyDrive. After Excel
successfully saves the workbook in the cloud, Excel re-displays the Share screen with
the Invite People option selected and all the invite options (shown in Figure
12-6) now available.
Getting a sharing link
Instead of sending e-mail invitations to individual recipients with links to the
workbooks you want to share on your SkyDrive, you can create hyperlinks to
them that you can then make available to all the people who need online
editing or review access.
To create a link to a workbook open in Excel 2013 that’s saved on your
SkyDrive, you select the Get a Sharing Link option on the Share screen in the
Backstage view (Alt+FHL).
To create a view-only link that doesn’t allow online editing, you then click the
Create Link button to the right of the View Link option that appears on the
right side of the Share screen under the Get a Sharing Link heading. To create
an edit link that enables online editing instead of a view-only link or in
addition to it, you click the Create Link button to the right of the Edit Link option
in its place.
Excel then displays the long and complex hyperlink for sharing your
workbook under the View Link or Edit Link heading (depending upon which
Create Link button you selected). The program also displays a list of any of
the people with whom you’ve already shared the workbook using the Invite
People option (as described in the previous section) under a Shared With
heading and buttons indicating that anyone with a view link can view the
workbook or with an edit link can edit it under a Shared Links heading.
After creating a view link or edit link for a workbook saved on your SkyDrive,
you can select the entire hyperlink by simply clicking in the Get a Sharing
Link section of the Share screen and then copying it to the Clipboard (Ctrl+C).
After copying it to the clipboard, you can insert it into a new e-mail message
(Ctrl+V) that you send to all the people with whom you want to share the
Excel workbook to which it refers.
Posting links to social networks
In Excel 2013, you can now post a view link to any workbook saved on your
SkyDrive whose data you want to share with your friends and followers on
any of the social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, to which
you are a member.
To do this, open the workbook saved on your SkyDrive that you want to
share. Then, select the Post to Social Networks option on the Share screen
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