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Sharing Your Worksheets
When you first present a worksheet, you have control over it. While you’re
in control, any menu selections or edits you make to its sheet are visible to
all the other attendees of the online Lync meeting. If you wish to give
editing control to another attendee, simply select his or her name from the Give
Control drop-down menu.
You can then take back control of the worksheet by selecting the Take Back
Control option at the very top of the Give Control drop-down menu. When
you’re finished presenting the worksheet and no longer want it to be visible
to the other attendees, click the Stop Presenting button on the right side of
the mini-menu at the top of the presentation window.
The Conversation window with your name in it then reappears and you can
exit the meeting by clicking its Close button. You then return to the open
workbook in Excel 2013 where you can save or abandon any editing changes
made by you or by any other attendees to whom you ceded control during
the time the worksheet was being presented.
Editing worksheets online
Microsoft offers several Office Web Apps for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and
OneNote as part of its Windows Live services that it provides along with your
SkyDrive storage in the cloud. You can use the Excel Web App to edit
worksheets saved on your SkyDrive online right within your web browser.
This comes in real handy for those occasions when you need to make
lastminute edits to an Excel worksheet but don’t have access to a device on
which Excel is installed. As long as the device has an Internet connection
and runs a web browser that supports the Excel Web App (such as Internet
Explorer on a Surface tablet or even Safari on a MacBook Air), you can make
eleventh-hour edits to the data, formulas, and even charts that are
automatically saved in the workbook file on your SkyDrive.
The great part about using the Excel Web App to edit a copy of your online
workbook is that the Excel Web App runs successfully under Microsoft’s
Internet Explorer 10 as well as under the latest versions of many other popular
web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox for Windows, Mac, and Linux as well
as Macintosh’s Safari web browser on the iMac and iPad.
To edit a workbook saved on your SkyDrive with the Excel Web App, you
follow these simple steps:
1. Launch the web browser on your device that supports the Excel Web
App and then go to and log in to your Windows Live
A web page showing information about your Windows Live account appears.
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