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Sharing Your Worksheets
2. Click the SkyDrive link at the top of the page or select SkyDrive from
the Menu drop-down list.
Windows Live then opens the SkyDrive pages displaying all the folders
you have there. Note that if you don’t find a SkyDrive link at the top
of the page in your browser, click the Menu drop-down button in the
upper-left corner and then select SkyDrive on its drop-down menu.
3. Click the link to the folder containing the workbook you want to edit
to open it in on your SkyDrive web page.
The folder you select displays all the files it contains.
4. Select the check box in front of the name of the workbook file you
want to edit with the Excel Web App to select the file.
When you select the name of the Excel workbook file to edit, the
SkyDrive page displays the current Share status of the file underneath
a list of viewing and editing options in a column on the right side of the
page (see Figure 12-7).
Figure 12-7:
the Excel
workbook to
edit online
with the
Excel Web
App in my
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