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Sharing Your Worksheets
5. Click the Open button on the SkyDrive toolbar (or simply click the
workbook’s filename in the middle of the page).
Your web browser opens the workbook in the Excel Web App on a
new page (similar to the one shown in Figure 12-8) that replaces your
SkyDrive page. This workbook contains all the worksheets that you’ve
placed in the file with their tabs displayed.
You can then use the option buttons on the Home and Insert tab (most
of which are identical to those found on the Home and Insert tab on the
Excel 2013 Ribbon) to modify the layout or formatting of the data and
charts on any of its sheets. You can also add new data to the worksheets
as well as edit existing data just as you do in Excel 2013.
6. When you’re finished editing the workbook, click the web browser’s
Close button to save your changes. If you want to save a copy under
a new filename in the same folder on the SkyDrive, choose File Save
As and then edit the filename that appears in the text box of the
Save As dialog box before you click its Save button. (Or select the
Overwrite Existing Files check box if you want to save the changes
under the same filename).
Figure 12-8:
Editing my
workbook online
in my web
with the
Excel Web
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