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Sharing Your Worksheets
The Excel Web App is a whiz at making simple editing, formatting, and layout
changes to your spreadsheet data and charts using common commands on its
Home, Insert, and even Chart Tools tab (when a chart is selected). However, the
web app is completely incapable of dealing with any type of graphic objects like
comments, shapes that you draw, and other types of graphics that you’ve added
(charts are about the only type of Excel graphics that it can handle). To make
modifications to these elements in your worksheet, you have two choices. Open
the workbook in a local copy of Excel (assuming that the device you’re using has
Excel 2010 or 2013 installed on it) by clicking the Edit in Excel command on the
Edit Workbook tab that appears at the top of the web app. Or, download a copy of
the workbook to your local office computer (where you do have Excel 2013
installed) by choosing File Save As Download and make the more advanced
edits to this downloaded copy of the file after you get back to the office.
Reviewing workbooks online
Sometimes you may find yourself working on a device that doesn’t run a web
browser that supports the Excel Web App. For example, when I use the Safari
web browser on my iPhone 4 (unlike the version of Safari that runs on my
MacBook Air laptop and iPad tablet), the browser opens my workbook files
with the Excel Mobile Viewer instead of the Excel Web App.
The only problem with this is that the Mobile Viewer is just what it says it
is — a viewer that only lets you see the data. If after reviewing the data, you
find some things that need editing, you will have to make a note of them and
get yourself to a device that runs a browser capable of running the Excel
Web App or, better yet, one on which a full-blown version of Excel 2013 is
Don’t forget about Microsoft’s SkyDrive app for the Apple iPad and iPhone, if
you, like me, use these devices. The free SkyDrive app is available for
download from the App Store on either device. The SkyDrive app enables you to
access all the Excel workbook files you store on your SkyDrive on your iPad or
iPhone. Just be aware that you can only review the worksheets that you open
with this app because it is not yet capable, as of this writing, of running the
Excel Web App. You can, however, use the app to send links to the workbook,
change the permissions, rename the file, and even open it in another app that
can open Excel workbook files on these Apple mobile devices. Also, on the
iPad, you can edit your SkyDrive workbooks with the Excel Web App on the
Safari web browser.
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