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Chapter 13: Top Ten Beginner Basics
Chapter 13
Top Ten Beginner Basics
If these ten items are all you master in Excel 2013, you’ll still be way ahead
of the competition. When all is said and done, this top ten list lays out all
the fundamental skills required to use Excel 2013 successfully.
10. To start Excel 2013 from the Windows 8 Start screen, simply click the
Excel 2013 tile. If you can’t locate the tile, start typing ex to display the
Apps screen and then click the Excel 2013 button.
To launch Excel 2013 from the Windows 7 taskbar, click the Start
button, type exc in the Search Programs and Files text box, and then
with Excel 2013 selected in the Programs section, press Enter.
9. To launch Excel 2013 automatically when you open an Excel
workbook that needs editing, simply locate the folder containing the Excel
workbook you want to edit in Windows Explorer and double-click its file
8. To locate a part of a worksheet that you cannot see onscreen, click
the scroll bars at the right and bottom of the workbook window to bring
new parts of the worksheet into view.
7. To start a new workbook containing a blank worksheet using the
Excel default template, simply press Ctrl+N. To open a new workbook
based on another template, choose File New or press Alt+FN and then
select the template to use on the New screen in the Backstage view,
where you can select a template or download one from To
add a new worksheet to a workbook (should you need more than one),
click the New Sheet button (with a plus sign in a circle) to the immediate
right of the last tab at the bottom of the Worksheet area.
6. To activate an open workbook and display it onscreen (in front of
any others you have open), click the Ribbon’s View tab, then click the
window to activate the Switch Windows button’s drop-down menu (or
press Alt+WW followed by the window’s number). To locate a particular
worksheet in the active workbook, click that worksheet’s sheet tab at
the bottom of the workbook document window. To display more sheet
tabs, click the Sheet Tab scroll buttons on the left side of the bottom of
the workbook window.
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