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Chapter 14: The Ten Commandments of Excel 2013
from the pop-up menu attached to the Undo command button on the
Quick Access toolbar. Note well that any action that thou selectest from
this drop-down list will undo not only that action, but also the actions
that precedeth it on this menu.
4. Thou shalt not delete, nor insert, columns and rows in a worksheet
lest thou hath first verified that no part yet undisplayed of thy
worksheet will thereby be wiped out or otherwise displaced.
3. Thou shalt not print thy spreadsheet report lest thou hath first
previewed its pages by clicking the Page Layout View button (the middle
button of the three to the immediate left of the Zoom slider on the Status
bar) and art satisfied that all thy pages are upright in the sight of the
printer. If thou art still unsure of how thy pages break, clicketh the Page
Break Preview button to its immediate right on the Status bar to seeth
how Excel doth divide thy pages.
2. Thou shalt changeth the manner of recalculation of thy workbooks from
automatic to manual (clicketh Formulas Calculation Options Manual
or presseth Alt+MXM) when thy workbook groweth so great in size that
Excel sloweth down to a camel crawl whenever thou doeth anything in
any one of its worksheets. Woe to thee, should thou then ignoreth the
Calculate message on the Status bar and not presseth the Calculate Now
key (F9) or clicketh Formulas Calculate Now before such time as thou
mayest print any of thy workbook data.
1. Thou shalt protecteth thy completed workbook and all its
worksheets from corruption and iniquities at the hands of others (clicketh
Review Protect Sheet or Protect Workbook). And if thou be brazen
enough to addeth a password to thy workbook protection, beware lest
thou forgeteth thy password in any part. For verily I say unto thee, on
the day that thou knowest not thy password, that day shalt be the last
upon which thou lookest upon thy workbook in any guise.
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