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Excel’s Ribbon User Interface
Figure 1-7:
Windows 8
shown after
and docking
the Touch
beneath the
Excel 2013
As shown in this figure, when docked, the Windows 8 Touch keyboard
remains completely separate from the Excel program window so that you still
have access to all the cells in the current worksheet when doing your data
entry. The Windows 8 Touch keyboard is limited mostly to letter keys above
a spacebar with a few punctuation symbols (apostrophe, comma, period, and
question mark). This keyboard also sports the following special keys:
Backspace key (marked with the x in the shape pointing left) to delete
characters to the immediate left when entering or editing a cell entry
Enter key to complete an entry in the current cell and move the cursor
down one row in the same column
Shift keys (with an arrow pointing upward) to enter capital letters in a
cell entry
Numeric key (with the &123) to switch to the Touch keyboard so that it
displays a numeric keyboard with a Tab key and extensive punctuation
used in entering numeric data in a cell (tap the &123 key a second time
to return to the standard QWERTY letter arrangement)
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