Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Launching and Quitting Excel
rulers, page margins, and shows page breaks for the worksheet; and
Page Break Preview that enables you to adjust the paging of a report.
(See Chapter 5 for details.)
Zoom slider that enables you to zoom in and out on the cells in the
Worksheet area by dragging the slider to the right or left, respectively.
Figure 1-9:
The Status
displays the
and enables
you to
select new
On a touchscreen device, you can work the Zoom slider by using the Pinch
and Stretch gesture to increase and decrease the size of the cells displayed in
your worksheet. As you stretch your thumb and forefinger apart, you zoom in
on the worksheet and the Zoom slider moves to the right and the percentage
increases. As you pinch your fingers together, you zoom out on the worksheet
and the Zoom slider moves to the left and the percentage decreases.
The Num Lock indicator on a physical keyboard equipped with a numeric
keypad tells you that you can use the keypad to enter values in the worksheet.
This keypad will most often be separate from the regular keyboard (on the
right side if you’re using a separate keyboard) and embedded in keys on the
right side of the keyboard on almost all laptop computers where the keyboard
is built in to the computer.
Launching and Quitting Excel
Excel 2013 runs only under Windows 7 and the new Windows 8 operating
system. This means that if your PC is running the old Vista or XP versions
of Windows, you must upgrade before you can successfully install and run
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