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Launching and Quitting Excel
As you drag the icon to the desktop, the screen tip “Move to Desktop”
appears under the outline of the icon. When you drop the icon in
place on the desktop, Windows adds an Excel 2013 shortcut icon that
launches the program when you double-click it with a mouse or
doubletap it with your finger or a stylus on a touchscreen device.
Pinning Excel 2013 to your
Windows 7 Start menu
If you use Excel all the time, you may want to make its program option a
permanent part of the Windows 7 Start menu. To do this, you pin the program
option to the Start menu:
1. Click the Windows Start button and then select the All Programs
option on the Start menu.
Windows 7 displays a new menu of program options on their Start
2. Select the Microsoft Office 2013 option from the Start menu.
Windows 7 displays a submenu listing the Office 2013 programs.
3. Right-click Excel 2013 on the Windows continuation or submenu to
open its shortcut menu.
On a touchscreen device, the equivalent to the right-click of the mouse
is to tap and hold the Excel 2013 menu item until a circle appears
around your finger or stylus. Then, when you remove the finger or stylus
from the screen, the shortcut menu appears.
4. Select Pin to Start Menu on the shortcut menu.
After pinning Excel in this manner, the Excel 2013 option always appears in
the upper section of the left-hand column of the Windows Start menu, and you
can then launch Excel simply by opening the Windows Start button and then
selecting this menu option.
After you pin the Excel 2013 option onto the Windows 7 Start menu, Windows
adds a continuation button to the right of the menu item. Whenever you
highlight this menu item with a mouse (or tap it on a touchscreen), Windows 7
automatically expands the Start menu to display a list of your recently opened
Excel workbook files. You can then open one of these files for further editing
at the same time you launch the Excel 2013 program simply by selecting its
filename on the continuation menu.
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