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Launching and Quitting Excel
Pinning Excel 2013 to the
Windows 7 taskbar
Instead of, or in addition to, pinning Excel 2013 to the Windows 7 Start menu,
you can pin an Excel 2013 button to the Windows taskbar.
All you do is drag and drop the Excel 2013 icon that either you pinned to the
Windows Start menu or you added as a shortcut to the Windows desktop
into its desired position on the Windows 7 taskbar. (See “Pinning Excel 2013
to your Windows 7 Start menu” and “Adding an Excel 2013 shortcut to your
Windows 7 desktop” earlier in this chapter for details.)
After pinning a Microsoft Excel 2013 icon to the Windows 7 taskbar, the button
appears on the Windows taskbar each time you start your computer, and
you can launch the Excel program simply by single-clicking its icon with your
mouse or tapping it with your finger or stylus on a touchscreen device.
Exiting Excel
When you’re ready to call it a day and quit Excel, you have a couple of
choices for shutting down the program:
Press Alt+F4 on your physical or virtual keyboard.
Click or tap (on a touchscreen device) the Close button (the X) in the
upper-right corner of the Excel program window.
Quitting Excel 2013 on a touchscreen device
If you’re running Excel 2013 on a touchscreen
device without a physical keyboard (even one
with a relatively large screen like my 10-inch
Acer Iconia tablet), for heaven’s sake, don’t
forget to engage the Touch mode on the Quick
Access toolbar (see “Customizing the Quick
Access toolbar” earlier in this chapter for
details). Turning on Touch mode sufficiently
separates the Close button in the very
upperright corner of the Excel screen from the
Restore Down button to its immediate left so
that when you tap the Close button, you end up
actually exiting Excel rather than just shrinking
the Excel program window on the Windows
desktop! Also, if you have your virtual keyboard
displayed in Excel and want to use the Alt+F4
method for quitting the program, remember
that you have to tap the Fn button to display the
function keys before you tap Alt followed by F4.
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