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If you try to exit Excel after working on a workbook and you haven’t saved
your latest changes, the program displays an alert box querying whether you
want to save your changes. To save your changes before exiting, select the
Save command button. (For detailed information on saving documents, see
Chapter 2.) If you’ve just been playing around in the worksheet and don’t
want to save your changes, you can abandon the document by selecting the
Don’t Save button instead.
Help Is on the Way
You can get online help with Excel 2013 any time that you need it while using
the program. Simply click the Help button (the button with the question mark
icon to the immediate right of the Minimize the Ribbon button on the right
side of the program window opposite the Ribbon’s tabs) or press F1 to open
a separate Excel Help window. (See Figure 1-10.)
Figure 1-10:
The Excel
you to the
when you
open it.
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