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So What Ya Gonna Put in That New Workbook of Yours?
So What Ya Gonna Put in That
New Workbook of Yours?
When you launch Excel 2013, an Excel 2013 start screen similar to the one
shown in Figure 2-1 appears, separated into two panes. In the left pane, Excel
lists the names of recently edited workbooks (if any). Below that, the left
pane contains an Open Other Workbooks link.
In the pane on the right side of the start screen, Excel displays thumbnail
images of various templates that you can use when starting a new workbook.
Templates create new workbooks that follow a particular form such as a
budget or inventory list. These new workbooks generated from a template
contain ready-made tables and lists often with sample data and headings that
you can then edit and change as needed. Then, when you finish, you can save
the new customized workbook with a new filename.
Figure 2-1:
The Excel
2013 start
screen that
when you
first launch
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