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1. Select cell C2.
2. Type (equal sign). =
3. Select cell A2 in the worksheet by using the mouse or the keyboard.
This action places the cell reference A2 in the formula in the cell (as
shown in Figure 2-6).
Figure 2-6:
To start the
type = and
then select
cell A2.
4. Type (Shift+8 on the top row of the keyboard). *
The asterisk is used for multiplication rather than the × symbol you
used in school.
5. Select cell B2 in the worksheet with the mouse, keyboard, or by
tapping it on the screen (when using a touchscreen device).
This action places the cell reference B2 in the formula (as shown in
Figure 2-7).
6. Click the Enter button on the Formula bar to complete the formula
entry while keeping the cell pointer in cell C2.
Excel displays the calculated answer in cell C2 and the formula =A2*B2
in the Formula bar (as shown in Figure 2-8).
When you finish entering the formula =A2*B2 in cell C2 of the worksheet,
Excel displays the calculated result, depending on the values currently
entered in cells A2 and B2. The major strength of the electronic spreadsheet
is the capability of formulas to change their calculated results automatically
to match changes in the cells referenced by the formulas.
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