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Fixing Those Data Entry Flub-Ups
Figure 2-9:
Use the
Replace and
With options
in the
dialog box
to add all
typos and
abbreviations you
want Excel
automatically correct
or fill out.
Cell editing etiquette
Despite the help of AutoCorrect, some mistakes are bound to get you. How
you correct them really depends upon whether you notice before or after
completing the cell entry.
If you catch the mistake before you complete an entry, you can delete
it by pressing your Backspace key until you remove all the incorrect
characters from the cell. Then you can retype the rest of the entry or the
formula before you complete the entry in the cell.
If you don’t discover the mistake until after you’ve completed the cell
entry, you have a choice of replacing the whole thing or editing just the
When dealing with short entries, you’ll probably want to take the
replacement route. To replace a cell entry, position the cell pointer in
that cell, type your replacement entry, and then click the Enter button
or press Enter.
When the error in an entry is relatively easy to fix and the entry is on the
long side, you’ll probably want to edit the cell entry rather than replace
it. To edit the entry in the cell, simply double-click or double-tap the cell
or select the cell and then press F2.
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