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Taking the Drudgery out of Data Entry
Figure 2-10:
To enter a
series of
enter the
first month
and then
drag the fill
handle in a
direction to
sequential months.
Figure 2-11:
the mouse
button, and
Excel fills
the cell
with the
Also, you can use the options on the AutoFill Options drop-down menu
shown in Figure 2-11. To display this menu, you click the drop-down button
that appears on the fill handle (to the right of Jun) to override the series
created by default. To have Excel copy Jan into each of the selected cells,
choose Copy Cells on this menu. To have the program fill the selected
cells with the formatting used in cell B2 (in this case, the cell has had bold
applied to it — see Chapter 3 for details on formatting cells), you select Fill
Formatting Only on this menu. To have Excel fill in the series of months in
the selected cells without copying the formatting used in cell B2, you select
the Fill Without Formatting command from this shortcut menu.
See Table 2-3 in the following section to see some of the different initial
values that AutoFill can use and the types of series that Excel can create from
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