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Working with a spaced series
AutoFill uses the initial value that you select (date, time, day, year, and so
on) to design the series. All the sample series I show in Table 2-3 change by
a factor of one (one day, one month, or one number). You can tell AutoFill to
create a series that changes by some other value: Enter two sample values
in neighboring cells that describe the amount of change you want between
each value in the series. Make these two values the initial selection that you
extend with the fill handle.
For example, to start a series with Saturday and enter every other day across
a row, enter Saturday in the first cell and Monday in the cell next door. After
selecting both cells, drag the fill handle across the cells to the right as far
as you need to fill out a series based on these two initial values. When you
release the mouse button or remove your finger or stylus from the screen,
Excel follows the example set in the first two cells by entering every other
day (Wednesday to the right of Monday, Friday to the right of Wednesday,
and so on).
Table 2-3 Samples of Series You Can Create with AutoFill
Value Entered in First Cell
Extended Series Created by AutoFill
in the Next Three Cells
July, August, September
Jul, Aug, Sep
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Wed, Thu, Fri
4/2/99, 4/3/99, 4/4/99
Feb-00, Mar-00, Apr-00
16-Feb, 17-Feb, 18-Feb
10:00 PM
11:00 PM, 12:00 AM, 1:00 AM
9:01, 10:01, 11:01
Quarter 1
Quarter 2, Quarter 3, Quarter 4
Qtr3, Qtr4, Qtr1
Q4, Q1, Q2
Product 1
Product 2, Product 3, Product 4
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