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Taking the Drudgery out of Data Entry
4. Select the List Entries list box and then type each entry (in the desired
order), being sure to press Enter after typing each one.
When all the entries in the custom list appear in the List Entries list box
in the order you want them, proceed to Step 5.
5. Click the Add button to add the list of entries to the Custom Lists
list box.
Finish creating all the custom lists you need, using the preceding steps.
When you’re done, move to Step 6.
6. Click OK twice, the first time to close the Options dialog box and the
second to close the Excel Options dialog box and return to the current
worksheet in the active workbook.
After adding a custom list to Excel, from then on you need only enter the first
entry in a cell and then use the fill handle to extend it to the cells below or to
the right.
If you don’t even want to bother with typing the first entry, use the
AutoCorrect feature — refer to the section “You really AutoCorrect that for
me,” earlier in this chapter — to create an entry that fills in as soon as you
type your favorite acronym for it (such as ny for New York).
Doing AutoFill on a touchscreen
To fill out a data series using your finger or stylus when using Excel on a
touchscreen tablet without access to a mouse or touchpad, you use the
AutoFill button that appears on the mini-toolbar as follows:
1. Tap the cell containing the initial value in the series you want AutoFill
to extend.
Excel selects the cell and displays selection handles (with circles) in the
upper-left and lower-right corners.
2. Tap and hold the cell until the mini-toolbar appears.
When summoned by touch, the mini-toolbar appears as a single row of
command buttons, from Paste to AutoFill, terminated by a Show Context
Menu button (with a black triangle pointing downward).
3. Tap the AutoFill button on the mini-toolbar.
Excel closes the mini-toolbar and adds an AutoFill button to the
currently selected cell (the blue downward-pointing arrow in square that
appears in the lower-right corner of the cell).
4. Drag the AutoFill button through the blank cells in the same column
or row into which the data series sequence is to be filled.
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