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Taking the Drudgery out of Data Entry
Keep in mind that Flash Fill works perfectly at extracting parts of longer data
entries in a column provided that all the entries follow the same pattern and
use same type of separators (spaces, commas, dashes, and the like). For
example, in Figure 2-13, there’s an anomaly in the full name entries in cell A9
where only the middle initial with a period is entered instead of the full middle
name. In this case, Flash Fill simply enters M in cell C9 and you have to
manually edit its entry to add the necessary period. Also, remember that Flash Fill’s
usefulness isn’t restricted to all-text entries as in my example Client Name
table. It can also parse entries that mix text and numbers such as part
numbers (AJ-1234, RW-8007, and so forth).
Inserting special symbols
Excel makes it easy to enter special symbols, such as foreign currency
indicators, and special characters, such as the trademark and copyright symbols,
into your cell entries. To add a special symbol or character to a cell entry
you’re making or editing, select Insert Symbol on the Ribbon or press
Alt+NU to open the Symbol dialog box.
The Symbol dialog box contains two tabs: Symbols and Special Characters.
To insert a mathematical or foreign currency symbol on the Symbols tab,
select its symbol in the list box and then click the Insert button. (You can
also do this by double-clicking or double-tapping the symbol.) To insert
characters, such as foreign language or accented characters from other
character sets, click the Subset drop-down button followed by the name of
the set in the drop-down list and the desired characters in the list box. You
can also insert commonly used currency and mathematical symbols, such as
the pound or plus-or-minus symbol, by selecting them in the Recently Used
Symbols section at the bottom of this tab.
To insert special characters, such as the registered trademark, paragraph
symbol, and so forth, you click the Special Characters tab of the Symbol
dialog box followed by the symbol in the scrolling list and the Insert button.
(You can insert one of these special characters by double-clicking or
doubletapping it also.)
When you finish inserting special symbols and characters, close the Symbol
dialog box by pressing Esc or clicking the Close button in its upper-right corner.
Entries all around the block
When you want to enter a table of information in a new worksheet, you can
simplify the job of entering the data if you select all the empty cells in which
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