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How to Make Your Formulas Function Even Better
When selecting cells, you can minimize this arguments dialog box to just the
contents of the Number1 text box by dragging the cell pointer through the
cells to sum in the worksheet. After you minimize the arguments dialog box
while selecting the cells for the first argument, you can then expand it again
by releasing the mouse button.
You can also reduce the dialog box to the Number1 argument text box by
clicking the Minimize Dialog Box button on the right of the text box, selecting
the cells, and then clicking the Maximize Dialog Box button (the only button
displayed on the far right) or by pressing the Esc key. Instead of minimizing
the dialog box, you can also temporarily move it out of the way by clicking
on any part and then dragging the dialog box to its new destination on the
If you’re adding more than one cell (or a bunch of cells) in a worksheet, press
the Tab key or click the Number2 text box to move the insertion point to that
text box. (Excel responds by extending the argument list with a Number3
text box.) Here is where you specify the second cell (or cell range) to add to
the one now showing in the Number1 text box. After you select the cell or
second cell range, the program displays the cell address(es), the numbers in
the cell(s) to the right, and the running total near the bottom of the Function
Arguments dialog box after Formula result= (as shown in Figure 2-15). You
can minimize the entire Function Arguments dialog box down to just the
contents of the argument text box you’re dealing with (Number2, Number3, and
so on) by clicking its particular Minimize Dialog Box button if the dialog box
obscures the cells that you need to select.
When you finish pointing out the cells or bunch of cells to sum, click the OK
button to close the Function Arguments dialog box and put the SUM function
in the current cell.
Editing a function with the
Insert Function button
You can also use the Insert Function button to edit formulas that contain
functions right from the Formula bar. Select the cell with the formula and
function to edit before you select the Insert Function button (the one
sporting the fx that appears immediately in front of the current cell entry on the
Formula bar).
As soon as you select the Insert Function button, Excel opens the Function
Arguments dialog box where you can edit its arguments. To edit just the
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