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How to Make Your Formulas Function Even Better
total is to appear and then select Sum on the AutoSum drop-down menu (or
press Alt+=). Excel inserts SUM (equal sign and all) onto the Formula bar;
places a marquee around cells B3, C3, and D3; and uses the cell range B3:D3
as the argument of the SUM function.
Figure 2-16:
To total
Jack Sprat
Diet Centers
quarter sales
for row 3,
click the
button in
cell E3 and
then click
Now look at the worksheet after you insert the function in cell E3 (see Figure
2-17). The calculated total appears in cell E3 while the following SUM function
formula appears in the Formula bar:
After entering the function to total the sales of Jack Sprat Diet Centers, you
can copy this formula to total sales for the rest of the companies by dragging
the fill handle down column E until the cell range E3:E10 is highlighted (as
shown in Figure 2-17).
Look at Figure 2-18 to see how you can use AutoSum to total the January
sales for all the Mother Goose Enterprises in column B. Position the cell
pointer in cell B12 where you want the total to appear. Select Sum on the
AutoSum’s drop-down menu, and Excel places the marquee around cells B3
through B11 and correctly enters the cell range B3:B11 as the argument of
the SUM function.
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