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Topic A: Creating forms
Protecting individual content controls
You can protect a single content control by using the Content Control Properties dialog
box. Use the options under Locking to protect the selected control. For a drop-down list,
you can protect the control from being deleted and protect the list from being edited.
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A-4: Adding a drop-down list to a form
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 Click to the right of the
“Scheduled training” label
Press t
To align the insertion point with the previous
2 In the Con trols group,
(The Drop-Down List control.) To add a
dropdown list control next to the “Department” label.
3 In the Controls group, click
To open the Content Control Properties dialog
4 In the Title box, enter Training
To give the control a name.
5 Click Add
To open the Add Choice dialog box. You enter
options for the drop-down list here.
In the Display Name box, enter
Conferences or seminars
To specify a category of training to be included
in the drop-down list.
Click OK
To add the name to the list.
6 Add a category called Online
training to the list
Click Add, enter “Online training” in the
Display Name box, and click OK.
7 Add a category called
Collegelevel classes to the list
Notice that “College-level classes” is added to
the bottom of the current list. You want to
arrange this list in alphabetical order.
8 Under Display Name, select
College-level classes
In the Content Control Properties dialog box.
Click Move Up
To move the list item up one place in the order.
Click Move Up
To move the list item up one more place in the
order. Now the list is in alphabetical order.
9 Click OK
To accept the drop-down list properties and
close the dialog box.
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