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Topic A: Creating forms
Legacy tools
Word groups additional form fields in the Legacy Tools section of the Controls group.
To view and insert these fields, click the Legacy Tools button, shown in Exhibit 4-3,
and click the desired field. To remove a field, select it and press Delete.
Some of the fields on your form might accept data only if it’s entered in a specific
format. A first-time form user might not know the format in which the data needs to be
entered. To provide some help, you can add help text to fields. This specific help text is
known as context-sensitive help .
To add context-sensitive help text to a field:
1 Select the field.
2 In the Controls group on the Developer tab, click Properties.
3 Click Add Help Text to open the Form Field Help Text dialog box, shown in
Exhibit 4-7.
4 Click the tab that controls where the help text is displayed.
 Use the Status Bar tab to display help text on the status bar when the form
field is selected.
 Use the Help Key (F1) tab to display help text in a separate window after
users press F1.
5 Select “Type your own” and enter a message in the box. (Or you can use an
AutoText entry.)
6 Click OK.
Exhibit 4-7: The Form Field Help Text dialog box
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