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Topic B: Protecting forms
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B-3: Setting permissions for a user
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 Under Editing restrictions, from
the list, select
No changes (Read only)
(In the Restrict Formatting and Editing pane.)
To specify that when the document is protected,
no changes will be permitted.
2 Under Exceptions (optional), click
More users…
To open the Add Users dialog box.
3 Observe the dialog box
You can identify specific users who will be
granted exceptions to any editing restrictions.
Click Cancel
To close the Add Users dialog box. Any users
identified in this dialog box would appear, along
with check boxes, under Exceptions in the
Restrict Formatting and Editing pane.
4 Select the last two lines of the
(The “Scheduled training” and “Start date”
labels and controls.) To specify the part of the
document that will be editable for the specified
Under Exceptions (optional),
check Everyone
5 Click Yes, Start Enforcing
To open the Start Enforcing Protection dialog
6 In the “Enter new password
(optional)” box, enter password
All users except those specified under
exceptions will be required to enter a password
if they have to change the form.
In the “Reenter password to
confirm” box, enter password
To confirm the password.
Click OK
The document is protected with a password;
however, special restrictions are in effect. The
areas you can edit will be highlighted.
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