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Topic C: Sharing and securing documents
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C-1: Using the Compatibility Checker
The files for this activity are in Student Data folder Unit 4\Topic C .
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 Open New form2
2 Open the Save As dialog box
From the Save as type list, select
Word 97-2003 Document
To save the file in the .doc file format, which is
used in Word versions 97–2003.
Click Save
The Compatibility Checker runs automatically,
opening the Microsoft Office Word
Compatibility Checker dialog box.
3 Observe the message
The content controls in this form aren’t
compatible with the Word 97-2003 file format.
To make this document compatible, Word will
convert the content controls to static text.
Click Continue
To accept this alteration and continue saving the
document in the Word 97-2003 format.
4 Observe the title bar
Word is now operating in Compatibility mode.
5 Place the insertion point at the end
of the document
After the date.
Press e
6 Enter Years employed:
To add another label.
Press t
To align the insertion point with the previous
7 Click the Developer tab
In the Controls group, click
Design Mode
Observe the buttons in the
Controls group
The content controls are not available because
they’re not compatible with the Word 97-2003
format. Only compatible operations can be
8 Close the document without
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