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Topic C: Sharing and securing documents
The Document Inspector
The Document Inspector checks for hidden metadata, like comments, and for personal
information that you might not want other readers to see. To open the Document
Inspector, click the File tab and click Info. On the Info page, click the Check for Issues
button and choose Inspect Document. Click Inspect to start the evaluation.
The Document Inspector checks the following elements:
 Comments, revisions, and annotations
 Document properties and personal information
 Custom XML data
 Headers, footers, and watermarks
 Hidden text
Finalizing a document
To finalize a document, display the Info page, click the Protect Document button, and
choose Mark as Final. By marking a document as Final, you indicate that editing is
completed, and the file is then read-only. Word disables typing, editing commands, and
proofing marks. The status property is set to Final, and the Mark As Final icon is
displayed in the status bar. (To make the document editable again, repeat the steps you
used to mark it as final.)
Do it!
C-2: Using the Document Inspector
The files for this activity are in Student Data folder Unit 4\Topic C .
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 Open Edited
Save the document as My edited
In the current topic folder.
2 Observe the deleted text
The text is marked as deleted with a
strikethrough, and new text is underlined next to
3 Click the File tab
Info should be selected on the File tab.
View the document properties
(On the right side of the Info page.) The
document’s author and title are identified.
4 On the Info page, click
Check for Issues and choose
Inspect Document
To open the Document Inspector dialog box.
5 Observe the categories
These are the document elements that will be
inspected. You can clear any element that you
don’t want to include in the inspection.
6 Click Inspect
The Document Inspector reviews the contents.
Observe the results
The Document Inspector identifies the revision
marks and document properties as elements that
you might want to remove before sharing this
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