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Topic C: Sharing and securing documents
7 For Comments, Revisions,
Versions, and Annotations, click
Remove All
To remove revision marks so that other people
will not see the changes that have been made.
8 For Document Properties and
Personal Information, click
Remove All
To remove the author name and title. You don’t
want others to see the names of people who
worked on the document.
9 Click Close
To return to the document.
Observe the document and its
There are no more revision marks, and
properties have been cleared.
10 Click the File tab
The Info page should be displayed.
Click Protect Document and
choose Mark as Final
A message box appears, stating that this will
mark the document as final and make it
11 Click OK
To finalize the document. Another message box
appears, explaining that because this file is now
final, it can no longer be edited.
Click OK and return to the Home
12 Observe the Information bar
across the top of the document
It tells you that the file has been marked as final,
to discourage editing, and gives you the option
to edit it anyway.
Observe the icon on the left side
of the status bar
(The Marked as Final icon.) This indicates that
the document has been saved and finalized.
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